About cold ninja films


NYU, 2002...

Cold Ninja Films was slowly born over the course of several film school projects as two transfer students, Blake Gingerich & Tonieh Ellis, realized that no one else in their class had been placed in housing that was completely across town from the campus.  

After graduation, Blake & Tonieh were able to keep things going, mainly focusing on producing short-form content for comedians, sketch groups, etc., all while building up their individual editing careers.  

At some point, they dreamed up the semi-insane premise for "Quantum Master," which is a sci-fi action-comedy shot entirely with 4-inch action figures.  It turned into a 12-part series, and it has become the main focus at CNF.  It will be screening at the Independent Television & Film Festival in Vermont in the fall of 2016, where it will launch CNF into superstardom.